Ka band auto pointing Antenna

The Ka band auto pointing Antenna is designed by the company Rezcom, for working with a Ka Sat 9 . The satelite is specialized for transmitting high speed internet communication. This type of transmitting is the future of the satelite communication and combines in itself several main advantages:

  • two- way connection with a relatively high speed - 20/10 Mbts
  • inexpensive equipment
  • low consumption of electricity

The antenna has two main components - the antenna's head and TRIA and the second component is the remote controler of the head.

- The head is designed to deal with a huge load, way more than the usual. It can be used with two types of antennas- a small one 78cm and a big one 98cm. With the head, we offer additionally spoilers and a montage kit for any vehicle.

- The remote controler is a complex device that can not only control the antenna, but it can also power the whole system in the mean time or separately with 12 V from any vehicle, and also 220 V. The power from both can be transmitted simultaneously, and in case of failure from one of them, the other can provide the power. The output of the controler is always supplying AC 20V - 300 W, which is used to supply the connected equipment such as the encoders, routers and satelite modems. This output is essential for the proper work for all of the IP - SNG vehicles.