The Antennas that are manufactured by Rezcom, are serving for transferring of digital radio signal in 2 frequency ranges – 10GHz and 2.3GHZ

The 10GHz antennas are dish type and they are distinguished with high amplifying, physic strength, and high resistance from any weather conditions. We are also offering ice resistant covering protecting the antennas from freezing, rain and snow. We are offering our antennas with high frequency transmitter and receiver. Those type antennas are used for distances up to 50km with direct visibility.    

The antennas with range of 2.3GHz are used for transmitting and reception without direct visibility.  The receiving antenna is packed with lowering high frequency convertor. The transmitting antennas are 2 types: directional and Omni directional.

Omni directional antennas are used on cars with magnet basis. They have small dimensions and it’s also not needed to be pointed (directed). They basic weakness is the small amplifying.

Directed antennas are placed on basis, and they are used when there is long distance to the receiver or substation obstacles. They have to be pointed and stationed on solid basis. They are distinguished with high amplifying. When you send or receive DVBT 2.3GHz signal, RezCom recommends using of 2 antennas.

The reception antennas are tree types. Omni-directed, less directed, sharply focused (directed).

Omni-directed reception antennas are used when the point of receiving is located in the center of the city or the area where the connection need to be established. Their characteristic is equal receipting from all directions, and comparatively low amplifying. They have simple construction and they are ease for setting up.

  Less directed antennas are used when the point of receiving is located outside of the city or the area where the signal should be received. They have comparatively high amplifying but they require a massive basis.