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The repeaters of Rezcom are designed to retransmit digital or analog signal. Those devices are used when the signal should be transmitted in long distances. Those connections are possible trough repeaters (retransmitting station). Usually the repeaters are communication equipment that is build in high altitudes. The repeaters are mainly 3 types:

Repeating with change of the frequency, without regeneration of the signal. With this repeaters, the incoming frequency is changed and the signal is retransmitted with different frequency. This type of repeaters are used when the signal will be repeated with one or two repeaters. Its simple design makes it very reliable for caring digital signal with QPSK format. It also could be used for analog signals. Its very easy for setting up and maintenance.

The second type is retransmitting with change of the frequency and regeneration of the signal but without change of the signal format. They are used when more than two repeaters will be involved in the  retransmiting. It regenerate the signal and its used for digital signals in QPSK format. 

And the third type repeaters are with change of the frequency, signal regeneration and change of the signal type. They are used when the signal have to be changed from DVB-T to QSPK. This is necessary when the signal its transmitted without direct visibility on 2.3GHZ DVB-T frequency. Then the signal is repeated, regenerate and the format is changed from 2.3GHz DVB-T to 10GHz QSPK -

DVB - S . They are very reliable and easy to set up.